Happy Clients

“Monica has done several nutrition and wellness presentations in my community programs and she is ALWAYS a crowd favorite, with participants always asking when she will be back. Monica’s commitment to current, research-based nutrition advice is much appreciated in an era where it can be difficult to find real information amidst all the wellness fads and trends. Monica’s greatest gift is her ability to connect with others. She immediately helps participants feel that she is one of them, that she understands the challenges of maintaining health and wellness in the midst of busy lives, and that there are solutions to feeling better.

Thank you Monica, you are a treasured partner in our wellness community!”
— Cindy Cosenzo
“I approached Monica Walker for help with my diet because I was having difficulties with my health and weight loss. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was experiencing extreme bloating and fatigue. I was dieting and exercising and had a hit a weight plateau. On top of all that, I was also preparing for a second half marathon.

Monica helped me with my fibromyalgia by cutting dairy, gluten, and soy from my diet. My bloating instantly went away and my energy level increased. She increased my calories and protein which resulted in gradual weight loss. For my half marathon training, she helped increase and decrease my macros to match my training schedule which resulted in my running decreasing by ten minutes.

One think I really like about Monica, is that she is always looking and researching for ways of improving my health especially my fibromyalgia. She is constantly adjusting my diet to meet my changing needs whether is a new weight goal or a new half-marathon I am training for.

I would recommend Monica, whether you have a health situation, a weight concern, or a training need. She really cares about her clients and she really goes the extra mile.”
— Jenny Madden
“I’ve been working with Monica for 2 years now, and she changed my life! Thanks to her and our work together, I was able to find out transform in a healthier, leaner and happier me.

Almost 3 years ago, I had a lot of food related issues and end up seeing multiple doctors who weren’t able to figure out what caused my pain. Monica was able to help me identify that I am gluten-intolerant immediately and help me figure out how to adjust my diet to finally be happy again.

Monica also helped me to achieve a more positive outlook on a healthier and leaner self, both through her nutritional coaching and personal training assistance. I love how flexible she is and how her suggestions and coaching is easily applicable to my crazy life-style. She get that I am a busy, working-mom and need to have solutions that can adjust on the fly and still set me up for success. Although I have learned from Monica what I need to do and eat, I still continue my sessions with her, because she is able to still teach me new things and help me adjust when I need adjustment. I highly recommend Monica and have suggested her to everybody that i willing to listen!”
— Nadine Perrin
“Deciding to meet with Monica Walker, is the most import thing I have done for myself, since I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Taking control of my of my own education, and not relying just on my doctor, for the best ways to manage my Diabetes, has been huge for me! I’ve learned more from Monica, about how to manage my Diabetes, than I have from all other sources combined. She works with you, to come up with a nutrition plan, that’s tailored to your lifestyle. She not only helps you focus on eating well, but also teaches you where the best places are to purchase your food, and gives you tips on preparing it.

You won’t be disappointed if you choose to work with Monica. She’s amazing!”
— Greg Schroeder